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System requirements

The system requirements for the Python μAgents package are as follows, but libraries for more platforms and languages will be released soon.

System requirements

The Python μAgents pacakge runs on Ubuntu/Debian, MacOS, and Windows.

You need Python 3.8, 3.9 or 3.10 on your system.

Install from PyPI

We recommend first creating a clean Python virtual environment, for example using poetry or pipenv.

Create and enter a new poetry virtual environment:

poetry init -n && poetry shell

Create and enter a new pipenv environment:

pipenv --python 3.10 && pipenv shell

Now install μAgents from the PyPI package registry:

pip install uagents

Alternatively, install from source code:

Download the latest released version from Github and navigate to the uAgents directory

git clone
cd uAgents

Install the required dependencies

poetry install

Open the virtual environment

poetry shell