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Restaurant Booking Demo

To showcase how easy it is to create μAgents for a particular application, here is an example of how to create a custom message type using the Model class.

from uagents import Model

class TableStatus(Model):
    seats: int
    time_start: int
    time_end: int

For this example, we will create a restaurant booking service with two agents: a restaurant with tables available and a user requesting table availability.

Restaurant Setup

We can create a restaurant agent with its corresponding http endpoint. We will also make sure that the agent is funded so it is able to register in the Almanac contract.

from uagents import Agent
from uagents.setup import fund_agent_if_low

restaurant = Agent(
    seed="restaurant secret phrase",

The protocols query_proto and book_proto are built from message handlers in the same way as agents. See query protocol and book protocol for the details and logic behind these protocols, but for now we will simply import them. You will need to add these files inside a protocols folder in the same directory you are running your agent. See agent protocols for more information. Next we build the restaurant agent from these protocols and set the table availability information.

from import book_proto
from protocols.query import query_proto, TableStatus

# build the restaurant agent from stock protocols

    1: TableStatus(seats=2, time_start=16, time_end=22),
    2: TableStatus(seats=4, time_start=19, time_end=21),
    3: TableStatus(seats=4, time_start=17, time_end=19),


We will now store the TABLES information in the restaurant agent and run it.

# set the table availability information in the restaurant protocols
for (number, status) in TABLES.items():
    restaurant._storage.set(number, status.dict())

if __name__ == "__main__":
The restaurant agent is now online and listing for messages.

User Setup

We will first import the needed objects and protocols. We will also need the restaurant agent's address to be able to communicate with it.

from import BookTableRequest, BookTableResponse
from protocols.query import (

from uagents import Agent, Context
from uagents.setup import fund_agent_if_low

RESTAURANT_ADDRESS = "agent1qw50wcs4nd723ya9j8mwxglnhs2kzzhh0et0yl34vr75hualsyqvqdzl990"

user = Agent(
    seed="user secret phrase",


Now we create the table query to generate the QueryTableRequest using the restaurant address. If the request has not been completed before, we send the request to the restaurant agent.

table_query = QueryTableRequest(

# This on_interval agent function performs a request on a defined period

@user.on_interval(period=3.0, messages=QueryTableRequest)
async def interval(ctx: Context):
    completed ="completed")

    if not completed:
        await ctx.send(RESTAURANT_ADDRESS, table_query)

The function below activates when a message is received back from the restaurant agent. handle_query_response will evaluate if there is a table available, and if so, respond with a BookTableRequest to complete the reservation.

@user.on_message(QueryTableResponse, replies={BookTableRequest})
async def handle_query_response(ctx: Context, sender: str, msg: QueryTableResponse):
    if len(msg.tables) > 0:"There is a free table, attempting to book one now")
        table_number = msg.tables[0]
        request = BookTableRequest(
        await ctx.send(sender, request)
    else:"No free tables - nothing more to do")"completed", True)

Then, handle_book_response will handle messages from the restaurant agent on whether the reservation was successful or unsuccessful.

@user.on_message(BookTableResponse, replies=set())
async def handle_book_response(ctx: Context, _sender: str, msg: BookTableResponse):
    if msg.success:"Table reservation was successful")
    else:"Table reservation was UNSUCCESSFUL")"completed", True)

if __name__ == "__main__":

Finally, run the restaurant agent and then the user agent from different terminals.

Run restaurant agent from one terminal


Run user agent from a second terminal


You should see this printed on the user terminal:

INFO:root:Adding funds to agent...complete INFO:root:Registering Agent user... INFO:root:Registering Agent user...complete. Wallet address: fetchnfu3hd87323mw484ma3v3nz2v0q6uhds7d There is a free table, attempting to book one now Table reservation was successful

See the full example scripts at restaurant and user.