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The μAgents (micro-Agents) project is a fast and lightweight framework that makes it easy to build agents for all kinds of decentralised use cases.

Why use μAgents?

Here are a few of the reasons to build with μAgents. They are:

  • easy to learn: follow our quick start guides to install the Python package and create an agent in just a few minutes.
  • customizable: create any type of agent you can think of and put into code.
  • connected: on startup, each agent automatically joins the fast growing network of μAgents by registering on the Almanac, a smart contract deployed on the blockchain.
  • secure: μAgent messages and wallets are cryptographically secured, so their identities and assets are protected.
  • platform and language independent: though initially launched as a Python library, the exchange protocol is defined in terms of standard data types, and since it is a lightweight framework, expect packages to appear in other languages very soon.