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Data types

The etch language provides a number of object types and functions designed specifically with smart contract development in mind.

We detail these in the etch language guide but here's an overview.


A State provides persistent storage for smart contracts. The data referenced by a State type resides on the ledger.

State values are available for use in smart contract functions.

Sharded State

A ShardedState is like a State type in that data contained within a ShardedState also resides on the ledger and is available for use in smart contract functions.

However, ShardedState is a map of key/value pairs so can wrap significantly more data under one reference.

Moreover, ShardedState manages the sharded structure of ledger memory more efficiently than a State type.


The Address data structure formats multiple cryptographic public key types and includes a number of useful functions such as verify() and existed().

Cryptographic functions

Currently, we support the SHA256()function.