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Python Examples

Python examples using Agent Land

In this section, we look at some Python that you can use to create addresses, fund them, and submit transactions to the network. It's super-simple to do:

from aea.crypto.fetchai import FetchAICrypto, FetchAIApi, FetchAIFaucetApi

# Get a new address:
fetch_crypto = FetchAICrypto()
address = fetch_crypto

# This is relatively slow, so if you need to stock up a number of
# addresses, it’s best to get it ONCE, then distribute yourself:
# for rapid tests:
balance = FetchAIApi().get_balance(address)
print(fOur address {address} has a balance of {balance})

As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward. The above works in standalone code, and is supported in the agent framework. Here is a code fragment that shows the construction, signing and submission of a transaction:

from aea.crypto.fetchai import FetchAICrypto, FetchAIApi, FetchAIFaucetApi

# ... code, etc...

def test_construct_sign_and_submit_transfer_transaction():
    """Test the construction, signing and submitting of a transfer transaction."""
    account = FetchAICrypto()
    balance = get_wealth(account.address)
    assert balance > 0, "Failed to fund account."
    fc2 = FetchAICrypto()
    fetchai_api = FetchAIApi(**FETCHAI_TESTNET_CONFIG)
    amount = 10000
    assert amount < balance, "Not enough funds."
    transfer_transaction = fetchai_api.get_transfer_transaction(
    assert (
        isinstance(transfer_transaction, dict) and len(transfer_transaction) == 6
    ), "Incorrect transfer_transaction constructed."
    signed_transaction = account.sign_transaction(transfer_transaction)
    assert (
        isinstance(signed_transaction, dict)
        and len(signed_transaction["tx"]) == 4
        and isinstance(signed_transaction["tx"]["signatures"], list)
    ), "Incorrect signed_transaction constructed."
    transaction_digest = fetchai_api.send_signed_transaction(signed_transaction)
    assert transaction_digest is not None, "Failed to submit transfer transaction!"

        # Now let's wait around for a while for this transaction to go through"
    not_settled = True
    elapsed_time = 0
    while not_settled and elapsed_time < 20:
        elapsed_time += 1
        transaction_receipt = fetchai_api.get_transaction_receipt(transaction_digest)
        if transaction_receipt is None:
        is_settled = fetchai_api.is_transaction_settled(transaction_receipt)
        not_settled = not is_settled
    assert transaction_receipt is not None, "Failed to retrieve transaction receipt."
    assert is_settled, "Failed to verify tx!"
    tx = fetchai_api.get_transaction(transaction_digest)
    is_valid = fetchai_api.is_transaction_valid(
        tx, fc2.address, account.address, "", amount
    assert is_valid, "Failed to settle tx correctly!"
    assert tx == transaction_receipt, "Should be same!"