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How to Use the Browser Extension Wallet

Open the Browser Extension Wallet.


To send some FET to another account:

  1. Press Send.


  2. In the recipient field enter your native address. Leave "Token" type to FET.

  3. Enter the amount you wish to send. Leave the "Memo" field empty.
  4. Choose Average gas fees.

    You can set a custom gas fee, but that is not required in most cases.

  5. If everything looks good, press Send.


  6. The browser wallet now shows you all the details to review. Approve if you are happy.

Your transaction will be sent to the native address you input.

To see previous transactions you can also check out one of many different block explorers that have as an option and input your mainnet address.

Disclaimer - Although you can access test networks from the browser wallet, do not send TESTFET tokens to a address on Cosmostation as TESTFET has no value and will not appear.


  1. Can I send my ERC20 FET to this wallet?

    No. If you do, you will lose your tokens. The wallet can only hold native FET tokens and not ERC20 FET tokens.

  2. Can I use this wallet to send tokens from native to ERC20 without requiring a ledger?

    Yes. This was a highly requested feature from our community and we are happy to confirm that you can deposit your native tokens from the ledger or Cosmostation on the browser extension wallet and then send it via the token bridge (native to ERC20).

  3. Will this wallet replace the token bridge?

    No. The token bridge will continue to exist. The wallet will make the process easier to send native to ERC20 tokens without relying on a ledger.

  4. When can I download the Browser extension wallet?

    Browser extension wallet is available now on Chrome webstore.

  5. What are TESTFET tokens?

    TESTFET tokens do not have an intrinsic value and are purely for the purpose of interacting with testnets. You can get access to TESTFET from the Capricorn testnet block explorer with the Token Tap button.

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