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CLI - Managing Tokens

Querying your balance

Once the wasm is configured for the desired network. The user can query there balance using the following command:

fetchcli query account fetch1akvyhle79nts4rwn075t85xrwmp5ysuqynxcn4

If the address exists on the network then the user will expect to see an output in the following form:

  address: fetch1akvyhle79nts4rwn075t85xrwmp5ysuqynxcn4
  - denom: atestfet
    amount: "1000000000000000000"
  public_key: ""
  account_number: 20472
  sequence: 0

Sending funds

To send funds from one address to another address then you would use the tx send subcommand. As shown below:

./build/fetchcli tx send <from address or key name> <target address> <amount>

In a more concrete example if the user wanted to send 100atestfet from main key/address to fetch106vm9q6ezu9va7v7e0cvq0nedc54egjm692fcp then the following command would be used.

./build/fetchcli tx send main fetch106vm9q6ezu9va7v7e0cvq0nedc54egjm692fcp 100atestfet

When you run the command you will get a similar output and prompt. The user can check the details of the transfer and then press 'y' to confirm the transfer.


confirm transaction before signing and broadcasting [y/N]: y

Once the transfer has been made a summary is presented to the user. An example is shown below:

height: 0
txhash: CA7C2C842F8F577E9621C2B23A016D93B979AC1A45015807799C5AD959503FA4
codespace: ""
code: 0
data: ""
rawlog: '[]'
logs: []
info: ""
gaswanted: 0
gasused: 0
tx: null
timestamp: ""