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Mainnet is here

The fetchhub mainnet forms the core of the ecosystem. In these pages, you will find all information to setup your client and connect on the network and cli-introduction pages. Previous test networks are still available as well for your tests and experiments.

This documentation covers some of the things you need to know in order to prepare for and develop for this new network:

Test Networks

The starting point for most developers will be our Agent Land test network, since this is primarily used for agent development and testing. Agent Land is fully supported by our Agent Framework from version 0.6 and above. If you are developing autonomous economic agents using our latest framework, then moving to Agent Land is relatively straightforward, unless smart contracts are involved.

Agentland and other testnets on the journey have a new address format. Here is a typical example:


Block explorer and token tap:

For more detailed information, have a look at our network information page.

Roadmap for Smart Contracts

The fetchhub mainnet along with our test-nets support a webassembly (WASM) virtual machine VM. Smart contracts can be developed using Cosmwasm, which currently supports contracts written in Rust but will in future support a variety of languages such as Go, Python or Javascript. For more information on Rust contracts for Cosmwasm, you can go to and

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