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Getting testnet tokens

In order to get testnet tokens, you first need to create an address. Please see the tutorial describing several available ways to do so.

When you have an address, you'll need some tokens to operate in the network. There are three easy ways of getting tokens on testnet.

Using the token tap

Please visit the token tap page in our testnet block explorer, paste the address in and press the DISPENSE button. Wait 30-60 seconds and voila, you'll have 10-500 test-FET just like that.

Using the example account from the tutorial about creating addresses, you can send the above "free for all" account tokens by pasting 2uGQSyM56XfkaFeoyYib2dt4rvFwVZ6if5JREZd54d1sNehEQ5 into the address box.

Transferring tokens from another account you have

It's easy, you can use Pocketbook and it takes no time at all. Just use a command like the following:

pocketbook -n testnet transfer destination_account_name AMOUNT source_account_name

And you're done!

Asking in the developer Slack channel

You can also request tokens on our developer Slack. We have tons, and we're happy to send large amounts if you need them for specific contracts or tests. Don't be shy, we want you to get stuff done. It may take a day or two, but we'll do our best to make it quick.