Welcome to the etch language docs

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What's etch?

etch is a high-level, statically-typed programming language designed for creating smart contracts on the Fetch.ai Ledger. Unlike similar languages, etch allows developers to code advanced compute-intensive logic for high performance scenarios such as machine learning and AI.

The Fetch.ai Ledger (known as Constellation) runs compiled etch bytecode that is extremely robust to ensure maximum hardware-optimised performance.

The etch language imposes rigorous compilation restrictions in order to avoid unwelcome and costly runtime errors.

Design and test your smart contract code with the etch VM simulator before including it in a Python Ledger API script which takes care of deployment and other details.

Find out how to run smart contract code with the Python Ledger API here.


The `etch` language and the `etch` language guide are work in progress so some areas of the language remain incomplete for now. Please try out as much code as you like and send us your examples. Let us know if you have any problems.