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Running a constellation node

Details on how to run a ledger node are here.

Compiler flags

The following compiler flags run the constellation in various modes.

  • -lanes: how many lanes to use.
  • -slices: how many slices to use.
  • -block-interval: block interval in milliseconds.
  • -standalone: signal the network to run in standalone mode.
  • -private-network: signal the network to run as part of a private network.
  • -db-prefix: database prefix.
  • -port: starting port for ledger services.
  • -peers: comma separated list of addresses for initial connection.
  • -external: global IP address or hostname for the node.
  • -config: path to the manifest configuration.
  • -max-peers: maximum number of peers to connect to.
  • -transient-peers: random number of peers given in answer to peer requests.
  • -peers-update-cycle-ms: speed of peer updates in milliseconds.
  • -disable-signing: disable signing of all network messages.
  • -bootstrap: signal to connect to the bootstrap server.
  • -discoverable: signal that node can be advertised on the bootstrap server.
  • -host-name: hostname or identifier for the node.
  • -network: name of the bootstrap network to connect to.
  • -token: the authentication token to talk to bootstrap.
  • -processor-threads: number of processor threads.
  • -verifier-threads: number of verifier threads.
  • -executors: number of transaction executors.
  • -experimental: comma separated list of experimental features to enable.