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Agent World 2

Introduction: Agent World 2 (AW-2) - part 2, "My first own agent"


AW-2 has finished now! You won't be able to complete the guide or earn rewards.

Agent World 2 (AW-2) is the second part of our agent-themed incentivised testnet. During this part, it allows anyone with FET tokens to gain additional FET by building agents to represent mobility and climate/weather related agents in key cities around the world, such as Berlin, London, San Francisco and Shanghai. The world is full of web based APIs for collecting this data, and the agent framework supports HTTP connections to these.


The following table shows the incentive rewards on offer.

Action Test FET (on Agent World) FET (on Ethereum mainnet) Cap (first come first serve)
Steps 1 - 7, 10 below variable from trade 1500 60
Step 9 variable from trade 500 60 reserve the right to increase the award pool for AW-2 to reward additional agent developers, or to award specific spot rewards to particularly innovative creations.

How to qualify for incentive rewards?


You must complete AW-1 before continuing!

You have to complete a few steps as listed below:

  1. Make sure you use the latest AEA framework version PyPI. To upgrade from an older version use pip install --upgrade aea[all]. Then upgrade your AEA using aea upgrade from within the project or follow the instructions here.

  2. Fetch the simple_seller_aw2 AEA from the AEA-registry and give it a suitable name:

    • Run aea fetch fetchai/simple_seller_aw2 --alias YOUR_AEA_NAME, where YOUR_AEA_NAME is replaced with a name of your choice.
    • After fetching it, enter the project: cd YOUR_AEA_NAME
    • Then install its third-party dependencies: aea install
  3. Eject the simple_seller and simple_data_request skills so you can edit them:

    • Run aea eject skill fetchai/simple_seller, which will eject the skill from the vendor folder to the skills folder where you can edit it.
    • Then, run aea eject skill fetchai/simple_data_request, which will eject this skill too.
  4. Ensure you use the private key from AW1.

    • Generate a new key and add it to the AEA: aea generate-key fetchai and aea add-key fetchai
    • Manually replace the private key you just generated in fetchai_private_key.txt with the one from AW-1.
    • Check everything works by running aea get-address fetchai and confirming that the address matches the one you hold Agent World funds on.
    • (This can be done by viewing the address on the block explorer or by typing aea get-wealth fetchai).
  5. Create a proof of representation for communication on the ACN:

    • Run aea generate-key fetchai fetchai_connection_private_key.txt and aea add-key fetchai fetchai_connection_private_key.txt --connection to add a key pair for your AEA to secure its communications with. Now associate this key pair with the one you use for transacting by executing aea issue-certificates.
  6. Customize the simple_seller skill (in YOUR_AGENT_NAME/skills/simple_seller) and the simple_data_request skill (in YOUR_AGENT_NAME/skills/simple_data_request) to satisfy the following requirements (you may optionally customize other components of the AEA as well):

    • The AEA must sell data offered by a public API which provides data on mobility or weather in the vicinity of either one of Berlin (Germany) [latitude: 52.5200, longitude: 13.4050], London (UK) [latitude: 51.5074, longitude: -0.1278], San Francisco (USA) [latitude: 37.7749, longitude: -122.4194] or Shanghai (China) [latitude: 31.2304, longitude: 121.4737]. Your AEA must be located in a radius no further than 50 km from the geo locations specified. You can customize the simple_data_request and simple_seller skills to satisfy this requirement.
    • The AEA must request data from a public API. You can customize the simple_data_request skill to satisfy this requirement. You must configure the fields method, url and potentially body in the behaviours section and the field shared_state_key in the handlers section of the fetchai/simple_data_request skill on aea-config.yaml.
    • The AEA must negotiate the terms using the fipa protocol (fetchai/fipa) and advertise it using oef search protocol (fetchai/oef_search) on the SOEF. You can customize the simple_seller skill to satisfy this requirment (by default it is already satisfied).
    • The advertisement must include the correct service key (seller_service) and value (one of weather_data or mobility_data, depending on the data your agent is offering). You can customize the simple_seller skill to satisfy this requirement.
    • Payment must be via a simple transfer on the incentivized testnet. You can customize the simple_seller skill to satisfy this requirment (by default this is already the case).
    • The shared_state_key specified for the fetchai/simple_seller skill in aea-config.yaml must match the one specified for the fetchai/simple_data_request and not be null.


    To succeed, please consult the documentation on the agent framework and discuss in Discord.

  1. Run the AEA for several hours and sell data at least twice successfully.

    • A set of buyer AEAs is continuously checking the SOEF for data to purchase. The buyer AEAs will purchase once immediately and then again after several hours.
    • If the initial sale does not go through, your AEA is incorrectly implemented. Stop it, fix it and try again.
    • If the initial sale does go through let the AEA run until the second sale has concluded.
    • The buyer AEA only purchases from AEAs which implement all the requirements listed under 5.
  2. Once your AEA has successfully sold data twice, stop it and upload it to the AEA-registry:

    • Change the author in the aea-config.yaml to your author handle (run aea init to see what it is).
    • Run aea publish --remote from within the AEA project. You might first have to push the skills you have developed with aea push skill PUBLIC_ID.
  3. Optionally, provide feedback on AW-2 to improve the AEA framework and the Agent World incentivized testnet programme.

  4. Extra: create a buyer AEA yourself!

    • Fetch the simple_buyer_aw2 AEA (aea fetch fetchai/simple_buyer_aw2) from the AEA-registry and extend it to be a buyer for the above use-case. Then push it to the AEA-registry. (There is no need to run it at this point.)
  5. Fill in the following form, providing your developer handle and uploaded AEAs: