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Recover Migrated Ethereum Account

Prior to the transition to our native Cosmos SDK-based ledger, ERC20 FETs staked using accounts on Ethereum were migrated to native accounts on the Fetch main network. These accounts correspond to the private key of their associated Ethereum accounts.

These native accounts can be accessed by transforming the original Ethereum keypair into a native Fetch keypair and address:

  1. On the welcome page, click Migrate from ETH.
  2. In the next page, click Migrate a Metamask Private Key.
  3. Enter the address and private key of the Ethereum account which staked ERC20 FETs.
  4. Give your account a name and set a password if one is not set (i.e. if it is the first time you open the wallet, or in case you have removed all of your accounts). The password will be used the next time you want to use the wallet or make important changes to your account. Hit Next.