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Getting Started

The Fetch Wallet, originally forked from the Keplr wallet, is a generic wallet for interacting with the Fetch blockchain network and other ledgers built using the Cosmos-SDK, and supports the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

Some of its highlights include:

  • Private keys and mnemonics are encrypted (using scrypt) and are stored locally on device. This means neither Fetch nor the websites visited have access to these sensitive data.
  • Multiple accounts on the Fetch ledger and other Cosmos-based ledgers.
  • Support for Ledger hardware wallets for enhanced security.
  • Native and IBC token transfers.


The Fetch wallet works on all Chromium-based web browsers, including Chrome, Brave, Edge and Decentr.

Get the Wallet

Install the Fetch wallet from the Chrome web store.


At this time, you cannot run the Keplr and Fetch wallets together because they interfere. Please disable the Keplr wallet before using the Fetch wallet.


chrome web store version svg

First-time use

The first time you open the wallet, you will see the following options:

After account creation or import is completed, the wallet will be accessible from your browser's extensions.

How to contribute

You can contribute to this project by engaging with its repository on GitHub:

GitHub repository