AEA Docs is running a 1 week (19th November - 26th November 2020) documentation bounty programme for The following rewards are on offer:

Type of issue FET reward Cap (max # of rewards issued)
Unable to run a demo as specified on a page in the demo section of the documentation (Agent Framework > Demos) 200 20
Unable to import, instantiate or run code as specified on a page in the development section of the documentation (Agent Framework > Development) 100 20

The problem must be recorded on GitHub as an issue with the label documentation. Related problems on a single page count as one issue and should be reported as such. The issue must be reproducible by a developer at to qualify for rewards. Ambiguous language or spelling and grammar erros in the documentation do not qualify for a bounty but we will happily fix it if reported. If the same problem is recorded twice, only the first reported issue qualifies for rewards. Once the caps are reached, no further issues reported receive any rewards (except our gratitude for helping make the docs better for all agent BUIDLers!).