To fund an AEA for testing on a test-net you need to request some test tokens from a faucet.

Add a private key to the agent:

aea generate-key fetchai
aea add-key fetchai fet_private_key.txt


aea generate-key ethereum
aea add-key ethereum eth_private_key.txt

Using a faucet website

First, print the address:

aea get-address fetchai


aea get-address ethereum

This will print the address to the console. Copy the address into the clipboard and request test tokens from the faucet here for or here for Ethereum. It will take a while for the tokens to become available.

Second, after some time, check the wealth associated with the address:

aea get-wealth fetchai


aea get-wealth ethereum

Using the cli

Simply generate wealth via the cli:

aea generate-wealth fetchai


aea generate-wealth ethereum