There are a number of ways to build an agent:

  • We recommended you build an AEA project step-by-step with the CLI tool as demonstrated in the quick start guide. See information on the CLI tool here and read on below.
  • Using the CLI aea fetch command, pull in an already built project and run as is or extend it to your needs.
  • The last option is to install the AEA without the CLI tool with pip install aea and, from there, import classes directly. See the guide for programmatically building an agent like this here.

Building an agent step by step:

  1. Set up your agent project.
  2. Add the right connections for your usecase.
  3. Add or code the protocols you require.
  4. Add or code the skills you need. This guide shows you step by step how to develop a skill.
  5. Where required, scaffold any of the above resources with the scaffolding tool or generate a protocol with the protocol generator.
  6. Now, run your agent.