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Message routing

Message routing can be split up into the routing of incoming and outgoing Messages.

Incoming Messages

  • Connections receive Envelopes which they deposit in InBox
  • AgentLoop's react picks Envelopes off the InBox
  • the AEA tries to decode the message; errors are handled by the error Skill
  • Messages are dispatched to all relevant Handlers. To limit dispatch to a specific Handler in a specific Skill the EnvelopeContext can be used to reference a unique skill id.

Outgoing Messages

  • Skills deposit Messages in OutBox
  • OutBox constructs an Envelope from the Message
  • Multiplexer assigns messages to relevant Connection based on three rules:

    1. checks if EnvelopeContext exists and specifies a Connection, if so uses that else
    2. checks if default routing is specified for the protocol_id referenced in the Envelope, if so uses that else
    3. sends to default Connection.
  • Connections can encode envelopes where necessary or pass them on for transport to another agent

Address fields in Envelopes/Messages

Addresses can reference agents or components within an agent. If the address references an agent then it must follow the address standard of agents. If the address references a component then it must be a public id.