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How AEAs talk to each other - interaction protocols

Interaction protocols are possible communication scenarios between agents or agent components (specifically, skills and connections).

There are multiple types of interactions an AEA can have:

  • AEA to AEA interactions, as for instance demonstrated in the demo sections.

  • AEA internal interactions, between components of the framework.

Interaction protocols

Usually, an interaction involves three types of framework packages: skills, protocols and connections.

Example 1: negotiation

In the generic buyer/seller skills the protocol fetchai/fipa is used for maintaining the negotiation dialogue between two AEAs. The skills fetchai/generic_buyer and fetchai/generic_seller are used to implement the handling and generating of individual messages and associated logic. The connection fetchai/p2p_libp2p is used for connecting to the agent communication network.

Example 2: AEA <> web client

In the http connection and skill guide we demo how a skill (fetchai/http_echo) can be used to process http requests received by a http server connection (fetchai/http_server). The fetchai/http protocol is used for communication between the connection and skill.

Example 3 : AEA <> 3rd party server

The fetchai/http_client connection can be used to make requests to third party servers. Alternatively, a third party SDK can be wrapped in a connection and shared with other developers as a package. Often, the developer will also create a custom protocol to enforce the type of interactions permitted with the SDK wrapped in such a connection.

Next steps

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Relevant deep-dives

Most AEA development focuses on developing the Skills and Protocols necessary for an AEA to deliver against its economic objectives and implement interaction protocols.

Understanding Protocols is core to developing your own agent. You can learn more about the Protocols agents use to communicate with each other and how they are created in the following section:

Most of an AEA developer's time is spent on Skill development. Skills are the core business logic components of an AEA. Check out the following guide to learn more:

In most cases, one of the available Connection packages can be used. Occasionally, you might develop your own Connection: