The file structure of an agent is fixed.

The top level directory has the agent's name. Below is a yaml configuration file, then directories containing the connections, protocols, and skills developed by the developer. The connections, protocols and skills from other authors are located in vendors and sorted by author. Finally, there are files containing the private keys of the agent.

The developer can create new directories where necessary but the core structure must remain the same.

The CLI tool provides a way to scaffold new connections, protocols and skills in the required directory structure for agents. See the instructions for that here.

  aea-config.yaml       YAML configuration of the agent
  private_key.pem       The private key file
  connections/          Directory containing all the connections
    connection_1/       First connection
    ...                 ...
    connection_n/       nth connection
  protocols/            Directory containing allprotocols
    protocol_1/         First protocol
    ...                 ...
    protocol_m/         mth protocol 
  skills/               Directory containing all the skills
    skill_1/            First skill
    ...                 ...
    skill_k/            kth skill