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The easiest way to run an AEA is using your development environment.

If you would like to run an AEA from a browser you can use Google Colab. This gist can be opened in Colab and implements the quick start.

For deployment, we recommend you use Docker.

Building a Docker Image

First, we fetch a directory containing a Dockerfile and some dependencies:

svn export
cd deploy-image
rm -rf scripts
svn export
cd ..

Next, we build the image:

./deploy-image/scripts/ -t aea-deploy:latest --

Running a Docker Image

Finally, we run it:

docker run -it aea-deploy:latest

This will run the fetchai/my_first_aea:0.18.0 demo project. You can edit to run whatever project you would like.



This section is incomplete and will soon be updated.