The full car park AEA demo is documented in its own repo here.

This demo allows you to test the AEA functionality of the car park AEA demo without the detection logic.

It demonstrates how the AEAs trade car park information.

Preparation instructions


Follow the Preliminaries and Installation sections from the AEA quick start.

Launch the OEF

In a separate terminal, launch a local OEF node (for search and discovery).

python scripts/oef/ -c ./scripts/oef/launch_config.json

Keep it running for all the following.

Demo instructions

Create car detector AEA

First, create the car detector AEA:

aea create car_detector
cd car_detector
aea add connection fetchai/oef:0.1.0
aea add skill fetchai/carpark_detection:0.1.0
aea install

Second, add the ledger info to the aea config (car_detector/aea-config.yaml):

    network: testnet

Alternatively to the previous two steps, simply run:

aea fetch fetchai/car_detector:0.1.0
cd car_detector
aea install

Create car data buyer AEA

Then, create the car data client AEA:

aea create car_data_buyer
cd car_data_buyer
aea add connection fetchai/oef:0.1.0
aea add skill fetchai/carpark_client:0.1.0
aea install

Second, add the ledger info to the aea config (car_data_buyer/aea-config.yaml):

    network: testnet

Alternatively to the previous two steps, simply run:

aea fetch fetchai/car_data_buyer:0.1.0
cd car_data_buyer
aea install

Generate wealth for the car data buyer AEA

Add a private key to the car data buyer AEA:

aea generate-key fetchai
aea add-key fetchai fet_private_key.txt

To fund the car data buyer AEA on test-net you need to request some test tokens from a faucet.

First, print the address:

aea get-address fetchai

This will print the address to the console. Copy the address into the clipboard and request test tokens from the faucet here. It will take a while for the tokens to become available.

Second, after some time, check the wealth associated with the address:

aea get-wealth fetchai

Alternatively, to the previous steps, simply run:

aea generate-wealth fetchai

Update skill configurations

Then, in the car detector AEA we disable the detection logic:

aea config set vendor.fetchai.skills.carpark_detection.shared_classes.strategy.args.db_is_rel_to_cwd False --type bool

Run both AEAs

Finally, run both AEAs from their respective directories:

aea run --connections fetchai/oef:0.1.0

You can see that the AEAs find each other, negotiate and eventually trade.

Cleaning up

When you're finished, delete your AEAs:

cd ..
aea delete car_detector
aea delete car_data_buyer


This diagram shows the communication between the various entities as data is successfully sold by the car park AEA to the client.

sequenceDiagram participant Search participant Car_Data_Buyer_AEA participant Car_Park_AEA participant Blockchain activate Car_Data_Buyer_AEA activate Search activate Car_Park_AEA activate Blockchain Car_Park_AEA->>Search: register_service Car_Data_Buyer_AEA->>Search: search Search-->>Car_Data_Buyer_AEA: list_of_agents Car_Data_Buyer_AEA->>Car_Park_AEA: call_for_proposal Car_Park_AEA->>Car_Data_Buyer_AEA: propose Car_Data_Buyer_AEA->>Car_Park_AEA: accept Car_Park_AEA->>Car_Data_Buyer_AEA: match_accept Car_Data_Buyer_AEA->>Blockchain: transfer_funds Car_Data_Buyer_AEA->>Car_Park_AEA: send_transaction_hash Car_Park_AEA->>Blockchain: check_transaction_status Car_Park_AEA->>Car_Data_Buyer_AEA: send_data deactivate Client_AEA deactivate Search deactivate Car_Park_AEA deactivate Blockchain