This module contains the implementation of AEA agents project configuiration.

Project Objects

class Project()

Agent project representation.


 | __init__(public_id: PublicId, path: str)

Init project with public_id and project's path.


 | @classmethod
 | load(cls, working_dir: str, public_id: PublicId, is_local: bool = False, registry_path: str = "packages", skip_consistency_check: bool = False) -> "Project"

Load project with given public_id to working_dir.


  • working_dir: the working directory
  • public_id: the public id
  • is_local: whether to fetch from local or remote
  • registry_path: the path to the registry locally
  • skip_consistency_check: consistency checks flag


 | remove() -> None

Remove project, do cleanup.

AgentAlias Objects

class AgentAlias()

Agent alias representation.


 | __init__(project: Project, agent_name: str, config: List[Dict], agent: AEA, builder: AEABuilder)

Init agent alias with project, config, name, agent, builder.


 | remove_from_project()

Remove agent alias from project.