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Software to work for you

Do you want to create software to work for you and enrich your life?

Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) work continuously for your benefit without you having to do anything more than write them and start them up.

AEAs act independently of constant input and autonomously develop new capabilities. Their goal is to create economic gain for you, their owner.

AEAs have a wide range of application areas. Check out the demo section for examples.

Bridging Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, AEAs are the future, now.

More specifically

The AEA framework provides the tools for creating autonomous economic agents.

It is a Python-based development suite which equips you with an efficient and easy to understand set of tools for building autonomous economic agents.

The framework is super modular, easily extensible, and highly composable.

The AEA framework attempts to make agent development as straightforward as web development using popular web frameworks.

AEAs achieve their goals with the help of the OEF - a search and discovery platform for agents - and the blockchain. Third party systems, such as Ethereum, may also allow AEA integration.


This developer documentation is a work in progress. If you spot any errors please open an issue here.