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Setting up

Once you successfully install the AEA framework, you can set it up for agent development.

Specify Author Handle

You need an author handle before being able to develop agents or agent components. This handle is used in the author field of any agent or component you create.

AEAs and their components can be developed by anyone and pushed to the AEA registry for others to use. To publish packages to the registry, you also need to register your author handle.

Pick Author Handle and Register

If you are intending to use the registry:

aea init --register

This will let you pick a new author handle and register it at the same time.

Pick Author Handle Only

If you are unsure whether you will need a registry account, or intending not to use it, simply pick a new author handle:

aea init

Register Author Handle

To register an already created author handle with the AEA registry:

aea register


The author handle is your unique author (or developer) name in the AEA ecosystem.