A LedgerClient object can be used to query the balances associated with a particular address:

address: str = 'fetch12q5gw9l9d0yyq2th77x6pjsesczpsly8h5089x'
balances = ledger_client.query_bank_all_balances(address)

This will return a List of Coin objects that contain amount and denom variables that correspond to all the funds held at the address and their denominations. This list includes all natively defined coins along with any tokens transferred using the inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol.

>>> balances
[Coin(amount='29263221445595384075', denom='afet')]

It's also possible to query the funds associated with a particular denomination by calling

balance = ledger_client.query_bank_balance(address, denom='afet')

which will return the value of the (integer) funds held by the address with the specified denomination. If the denom argument is omitted the function will return the fee denomination specified in the NetworkConfig object used to initialise the LedgerClient.