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Welcome to the documentation.

  1. Getting Started

    Build and install the Ledger constellation, etch vm, and all the libraries you need. Get hold of the Python Ledger API for smart contract creation. Spin up the Open Economic Framework.

  2. The Ledger

    Understand the inner workings of the Ledger.

  3. Open Economic Framework

    Learn how to create decentralised autonomous agents and interface them to the digital world. Learn how to negotiate with other autonomous agents and get things done.

  4. Autonomous Agent Framework

    The modular, extensible, programming framework that allows quick and easy autonomous agent assembly.

  5. etch Language Guide

    Learn how to code in etch, the Turing complete scripting language for smart contracts running on the Ledger.

  6. Smart Contracts

    Smart contracts written in etch run with the Python Ledger API. This section has everything you need to know about running smart contracts on the Ledger.


November 6th, 2019 Documentation updated for ledger v0.9.x Ara release. See summary details here.