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Developing agents

Speed up the development of Autonomous Economic Agents using our framework

Using the ledger

Learn how to make transfers, deploy smart contracts, etc

Deploying a node

Run your own local node

What is Fetch.ai

There are billions of devices, processes and pipelines around the world that are desperate for automation and communication. Most blockchains aren't built to handle such a large number of transactions, and none enable their clients to learn from the data generated and exchanged.

Fetch.ai is a platform built to bring value to data, by connecting devices and facilitating the creation of new markets based on what they learn from each other. It is the platform where truly autonomous decisions can be made.

Some of the technical features that will enable this autonomous world are:

  • Blockchain sharding to increase concurrency and scalability
  • Smart contract language with ML and AI capabilities
  • Framework for rapid development of Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) that can be deployed in any device
  • Support for fixed-point arithmetics to guarantee precision and determinism across all operations and transactions

Fetch.ai glossary

Collective learning: The act by which autonomous agents, with competitive or complementary interests, increase their understanding of the state and behavior of the decentralized ecosystem they are connected to. Ideally, this will allow them to improve their solutions to a problem.

Etch: Our native language in which smart contracts can be written, with support for ML and AI.

FET: The cryptocurrency that powers the Fetch.ai ecosystem. Its first version is an ERC-20 token in the Ethereum blockchain, but following versions are native to the Fetch.ai ledger.

Synergetic contracts: Type of smart contract that allows anyone to register a problem on the ledger, with miners then using their computational power to solve it and earn a reward.

What can you do *now* with Fetch.ai

All the components of the Fetch.ai stack and the interfaces to interact with them are open source. Take a look at our SDKs (Python Ledger API, JavaScript Ledger API, Agent Framework and Etch language) so you can start building smart contracts, new agents connected to Fetch.ai, or new ways of interacting with the ledger.

And if you want to go even further, you can fork and build any components from the Fetch.ai stack!

Versions and release notes

As with any software and its documentation, things do change and evolve. We at Fetch.ai try to support backwards compatibility as much as possible, but deprecations will occur. Keep an eye our release notes, as these list all major changes.

If you want to view older versions of the documentation, you can select them using the drop down at the bottom of the left hand menu.


November 29th, 2019 Documentation updated for Fetch.ai ledger v0.10.x. See summary details here.